Check, Check, Check!

How quickly things change! Less than 3 weeks ago we got a text from a friend of ours about a little girl in Tampa, waiting for her forever family. It didn’t take long for Bryan and I to decide that we wanted her to be a part of OUR family. I immediately got to work, calling and emailing everyone I could possibly think of that could help us on our way. I found a local agency to write our new adoption home study and started on the paperwork. We got our FBI and State fingerprints done and made copies of birth certificates, marriage licenses and our monthly budget. If you’ve never adopted, you’d be surprised at what home study agencies require! We have most of our paperwork done now and the first interview scheduled for next week. We have been working as quickly as possible to get our paperwork into the appropriate hands in Tampa. Why wait? Once ya know, ya know, and we are now all eager for our little girl to come home. Funny, though, how we weren’t even planning on pursuing another adoption any time soon, and here we are…


I love lists and this one was especially exciting to check off. Our home study should be done by October 23 and in the mail soon after. Then we have to wait until our paperwork is previewed and we hear that we are matched with her. We aren’t worried, though. The sense of peace and confidence Bryan and I have is very affirming. We both believe that God is directing this adoption in his mighty and loving way!

Before I sign off, I have to share a picture of the creek in our backyard. Talk about feeling immeasurably blessed! Love and peace to you all!12088426_1512054452441447_503539326547429159_n

“Look, Mommy! The Leaves Are Red!”

Sassafras pointed out the window this morning to the leaves on one of our Dogwoods. In striking contrast to the leaves around it, this small branch shouted it’s color to the rest of our yard. I explained to her that leaves turn colors when they begin to die. Then I thought about that, how in death sometimes we see immeasurable beauty. Jesus’ blood ran red when he died, and because of his death we have unity with the Father that we otherwise would never know. There is such depth of beauty in Jesus’ death for us, that we may never know it fully. What beauty is the love we are given because of the blood of Jesus Christ!

My thoughts wandered to Paul and how he talked about dying to ourselves. I feel part of me dying when I continue to choose the hard road over the easy, choose the Lord’s way over my own. Even though I am very excited about it, the thought of bringing another one into our family scares me a little bit. How will our other kids react to having to share their mama with a new sibling? How might our new daughter react to having her heart pursued and loved? There is beauty in the pain of change. There is beauty in how the Lord works in our lives. The leaves in my yard are dying and I get to enjoy the wonderful colors that comes from their death. Jesus died for me and in his death I am privileged to see the love he has for his children. Every day Bryan and I are being called to die to ourselves. And the results of that death is beautiful! We are being made more into the likeness of our Lord and our family is becoming more and more beautiful. Praise Him!


Joy in the Morning

We arrived in North Carolina in mid March when it was still cold outside. We watched the leaves slowly appear on all the trees around us, hiding our neighbors’ houses from view. We watched the dogwoods blossom and felt the cool air give way to the heat of summer. We’ve swatted at mosquitos and applied sunscreen during mid-day sprinkler play dates. Now the weather is turning cool again. Our dogwoods have beautiful little red berries on them and the leaves are turning red as well. With the official start of autumn in a couple of days, we are looking forward to bonfires, dressing in snuggly warm clothes, and watching the leaves around us put on their colorful display.

North Carolina is slowly beginning to feel like home. We have found a wonderful little church about a mile from our house where we feel loved and are excited about serving in the community there. We are involved in two different homeschool groups and meet up with other homeschooling families twice a week. Sassy is in 2nd grade this year, Lovebug is in Kindergarten and Little Man plays all day, getting into as much trouble as he can. His favorite subjects are Trains and How to Tease His Sisters. We celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Little Man’s homecoming in May. He has now been home with us for 16 months!


For those of you who knew us back when we were foster parents to our first little guy, I have an update for you. We found out a couple of months ago that he and all four of his siblings were removed from their aunt’s home and placed back into foster care. After we said goodbye to our foster son back in 2010, we both took a lot of comfort in knowing he and his siblings were safe and loved living with family. Finding out they were all removed from their aunt’s home was pretty upsetting and we began praying about being an adoptive placement for them. We soon found out that the foster family they are now with plans on adopting them! Though we would have loved to have our first little guy back with us again, we know God has a plan for him and his siblings and are thankful that a forever family is in the works. Things have certainly turned out differently than either Bryan or I would have expected, but we are both confidant in the Lord’s care of the little ones we still love. We are thankful for all of you that have continued to pray for them over the years!

There is another little one that Bryan and I have been thinking and praying about a lot the past week. We got a text from someone we know about a little girl that is waiting for her forever family. We don’t know much yet, but have decided to get our adoption home study updated and see what happens! I hope to know more in the next month or so and will update the blog as soon as I do.

To all of you in Florida, we love and miss you a lot!


A lot has happened in the six months since I’ve blogged last. The most dramatic being our decision to move to North Carolina! We put our house up for sale the end of January and had a contract on it within a week. All going well, we close in less than two weeks and then head north!

We have many reasons for moving, one being that we will be closer to Bryan’s family in Pennsylvania and South Carolina. We are also looking forward to living closer to the company Bryan works for. We will only be about 2 miles from his office! We’ve been talking and thinking about moving to NC for many years and we are finally ready to make the move and start getting settled into our new community there. I’m so glad we serve a God that doesn’t change and is faithful to His kids no matter where they live. I can’t help but feel sad leaving our community here in Tampa. Bryan and I have been here ten years already! But I am looking forward to seeing what God has for us in NC and to experience growth in my relationship with Him. He is so faithful to me and I’m so thankful to be loved by Him!


Another highlight of the last few months is that we decided to homeschool Sassafras! Her last day at the local elementary school was right before Christmas break. When I picked her up that last day, I felt like someone gave my child back to me. My heart was longing for her heart and she has responded so well to the extra attention! Homeschooling is something I’ve always wanted to do but until now had not been the right time. Knowing that we would be moving out of state halfway through the spring semester helped us to make the decision, and so far so good! The three months she’s been home have been an amazing time of growth for her. Can you tell how happy she is? She is like a different child from the one that we met almost 3 years ago.

This time has also been a time of transition and growth for our sweet little Lovebug. She has had a pretty difficult time adjusting to having a new baby brother in the house and having to share the attention. She turned 5 years old recently and I can’t believe the chubby little 2 year old I fell in love with is now such a big girl.



She is a precious treasure and I love her so much! I spend a lot of time praying for her and her heart. Just recently I’ve noticed that she is starting to feel more secure in her place in our family. And I’m so glad! Not only for her, but for me and Bryan too. As any parent knows, when a child is having a hard time, it typically means that the rest of the family is dealing with the repercussions of it!

As for Little Man, he is doing so well! By far the easiest transition we’ve ever had with a new little member of our family. He’s been home almost 10 months, though it feels like he’s always been here. I can hear his little giggle as I type. He has such a joyful heart, is a little mischievous, and oh so much fun!


Overall, we are doing well and staying very busy with all the details that go into moving. Next time I blog we will be in North Carolina and I’ll post some pictures of our new home. Please join us in praying for our transition, that all will go well with the repair work that is being done on our NC home, and that we’ll find a church community that is a good fit for us. Thank you! I hope all of you are doing well too, and that the Lord is using your circumstances to draw you closer to Him. Love, Sarah

Adoption Day!

Let me introduce someone to you…


This is our son, signed, sealed and delivered! He is as joyful in person as he looks here.

August 14th, 2014, will go down in history as one of the most meaningful days of my life, the day Bryan and I became parents to this beautiful Little Man.


I’m so proud I could burst my buttons, if I were wearing any.


What a day!

Adoption Day is Almost Here!

Y’all will have to forgive me, I’ve been wanting to post an update for days and days! It has been CRAZY at my house the last couple of weeks and I’ve barely had time to make my bed, let alone sit down during a quite hour and blog. But I’m making it happen today because we finally got our court date scheduled and  we are going to the courthouse TOMORROW!! Our attorney called us about 3 weeks ago and we were ecstatic to be told we could finalize our adoption the day after we finished our 90-day supervisory period.  We are heading to Jacksonville tonight and plan to stay at the same hotel we stayed in the week we met Little Man. We are excited to visit the little breakfast place where we met Little Man for the first time and spend some time with the wonderful foster family that loved him and took such good care of him the 17 months prior to him coming home to our family.

Tomorrow at 1pm we will be meeting our attorney and about 15 family members at the courthouse where Bryan and I will raise our hands and testify before a judge that we commit ourselves forever to this precious little boy. Adoption is an amazing thing and we were given an amazingly sweet little boy. All those days I wondered and worried and prayed and ached and cried, my Abba knew who my son was to be, where he was and when he’d be coming home. Now all of that has come to fruition. Tomorrow, Bryan and I will be the proud parents of not two, but three precious, created-in-God’s-image, little human beings. I am so happy and thankful. Very, very thankful.

Please join us tomorrow in your thoughts and your prayers!



Remembering June 1st

So I admit it, I like Chuck E. Cheese. Yes, it’s loud, the food is expensive and not very good, but the fun factor is pretty high in my book. I went for my birthday when I was 15 and loved it. Then when Bryan and I were first married, I dragged him there to get our picture taken in one of their little 25 cent photo booths. We used the photo in our first Christmas card!

I took all three of the kids to Chuck E. Cheese one afternoon last month. I had promised Sassy I would take her as a reward for doing so well on her behavior chart the last month of school. When we got there I realized it was exactly two years to the day that Bryan and I met our girls for the very first time at this very same Chuck E. Cheese! You can read that post here. How serendipitous! I told the girls all about what they looked like then and how exciting it was to meet them. They have come so far in the past 2 years, adjusting, growing, healing. They are very different little girls compared to the scared, angry little ones that we first welcomed into our home. I am so proud of them and how far they have come. To think the Lord destined them for us and us for them! It blows my mind. I love them both so much and am so thankful and blessed to have them as my daughters!